Sweta Patel, Motivational Speaker
"I give because I know respect is earned. I give because I am able to see the "bigger picture" beyond myself." — Sweta Patel

Sweta Patel is passionate about giving to others, because she had mentors and coaches every step of the way when it came to helping her achieve the success she has today!

"My mentors were the angels in my life who shaped me
to become the person I am today."
Sweta Patel

Now, Sweta wants to do the same for young men and women who may need a mentor-like figure in their life as well. Join Sweta on her "Real Women" tours! These partial/all-day/multi-day intensives help young women really retain the ideas, skills and tools they need to take on life in the real world.

Sweta goes over leadership habits, and other teachings that help convey her message with impact and meaning. The goal of these intensives is to help young women make wise career choices, dating choices, and create a "life plan" for any possible setbacks they may endure, if life should bring them such experiences.

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