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Here's a PRWeb press release written up about my company,

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E (The Magazine For Today's Executive Female)
(You can read the actual article here on their site, or click on the image below to read it right here on this site.

E - The Magazine For Today's Executive Female

Make Social Media Truly Work Business

Growth Hacking New Strategy Online Business Success

Here is an article I wrote in the Upstart Business Journal about having a winning strategy when it comes to your website content. You can read the actual article here on their website.

Upstart Business Journal

Here, I was mentioned in Fashionista magazine, regarding an interview I did with Steven Cuoco, which you can listen to on this page in my recorded interviews section below. You can read the actual article here, or view it on their website here.


Here is an article where I dicussed how I analyzed different online marketing strategies to help a golf resort attract more visitors to their website/brand. You can read the article here.


You can read this article below, in Business Today, where I talk about using content to drive website traffic to your business.


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Radio Interview Questions & Recordings

If you would like to interview Sweta, you might like to peruse the following questions, and/or come up with a few of your own and mix them in together. Below, you can also play an interview with Sweta on the subjects of Father/Daughter relationships, self-esteem for young women, addiction, the college dating scene, relationships, and many other important topics that your audience might also like to hear Sweta speak about ...


Late Late Nayt interview with Sweta Patel
of on

Adults Dating Teens via Social Networks interview
with Sweta Patel of

Hasani Pettiford Radio Show interviews
Sweta Patel of

Talk 2 Q Radio Show! interviews
Sweta Patel of

Steven Cuoco (of
interviews Sweta Patel of

Lets Talk Life With "Lady Lena" interviews
Sweta Patel of

The Love Zone USA interviews Sweta Patel
("Can Facebook Ruin a Relationship")

1. What inspired you to become a speaker and what's your background?
2. Who can your presentations help and how?
3. What is your message to young women who are just getting into college?
4. You mention you hit rock bottom, what did that entail? What were your biggest fears?
5. What steps did you take to overcome your fears and create success as an outcome?
6. How can your presentations about fathers apply to life and where their daughters are concerned?
7. What are your long-term goals when it comes to speaking?
8. What is your advice for women who are having a hard time finding a man who wants to commit?
9. What are your thoughts about pornography and relationships?
10. What is the solution to the "moral decline" you mention in your books?
11. What is your take on feminism, and how has it contributed to our society dynamics today? The good/bad/ugly?
12. How do you feel about plastic surgery? Have you had plastic surgery before?
13. Describe your standards for men. What are your boundaries?
14. From your experience, what are some of the red flags when it comes to abusive relationships and avoiding them?
15. What is your message to young women who participate in the underground economy?
16. How can young women still maintain themselves without a father's guidance? What are your tips?
17. Why do you think marriage has a "bad wrap" in today's society?
18. What is your message to college students who are entering the dating world?
19. What is your advice to the youth when it comes to protecting their hearts in school?
20. You said you grew up in a family with 100+ years of marriage without divorce. What kept those marriages alive?
21. How can you avoid getting hurt again after a breakup?
22. What is your advice for young women who grew up in a broken home or had family dynamics?
23. You said you went through "unhealthy pursuit for personal achievement which left me empty," what exactly did you mean by that?
24. What is your advice to the youth who have self-image issues and weight loss addictions?
25. How do you overcome love addiction?
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